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Acquisition of land for tourism and real estate development; Tax exemptions (Law CONFOTUR); Due diligence processes; Licenses and Permits. According to law (La Ley –01 sobre Incentivo Turístico) the Jarabacoa – Constanza tourist region is defined as polo turístico No. 4, which means that this . 1 / 7. Zoom out. Zoom in. Fullscreen. Share. powered by. Start from page.

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This new set of rules has the primordial objective to modify the requirements and administrative processes in a way that ambiguities and wrongful interpretations are not an option.

In addition, the property acquired under Law and its modifications are exempted from tax on lry of property rights, sales, and real estate tax IPI or asset tax for early investors on classified projects. Skip to content Summary of the law on Tourism Incentives.

In conclusion, the Decree clarifies the important aspects contemplated in the 1158-01 and its modifications and it constitutes an important improvement to the process of tourist investments in the country.

This past October 9th of the yearthe Presidential Decree No. Law establishes the requirements and procedures to be followed to obtain the classification of an lley under its provisions, and be able to benefit leu the privileges and incentives disposed therein; it also establishes penalties for breach of the requirements of this legislation, particularly with regard to the preservation of all natural resources and proper environmental protection regulated by the General Law on Environment and Natural Resources Number of August 18,its regulations, standards and sectoral laws and other general provisions.

The touristic activities considered of special interest to the Dominican State according to Lawas amended, are as follows:. Post navigation Foreign Investment in the Dominican Republic.

The new regulations establish that the provisional classification will lead to the exemption of not only constitution taxes and of leyy transfer rights as it was since the last modification made to the lawbut as well will exempt municipal taxes that must be prorate, including the ones of ground use, providing, in theory, a way to solve one of the most common problems in touristic projects, the unawareness of the regulation by the local authorities.


Also, it was included a regime with more restrictive control for the compliance of the developers, constructers and operators of the approved tourist projects that have been benefited by the exemptions. High standard legal services in order to maximize opportunities and attain business and global solutions Integrity – Excellence – Efficiency Discretion – Dedication.

Added by Law The touristic activities considered of special interest to the Dominican State according to Lawas amended, are as follows: El Proceso de Deslinde — Etapas Administrativas y. Asociaciones Sin Fines de Lucro en la R.

Integrity – Excellence – Efficiency Discretion – Dedication.

Tourism and Real Estate

Impuestos Internos inicia facilidades para regular. Incentivos fomento de la actividad cinematografica.

This Law provides significant incentives and benefits to individuals and companies who invest capital in the development of activities, referred to as special interest tourism activities in the Dominican Republic. A period which shall not exceed in any case of three 3 years will be granted to start steadily and uninterrupted the operation of the approved project, period whose failure will lead to the ipso facto forfeiture of the acquired exemption. The tax exemption period for companies dedicated for touristic activities indicated in Article 3 of the Law shall be of fifteen 15 years from the date of completion of the construction work and equipment of the project under these incentives.

Summary of the law 158-01 on Tourism Incentives

The exemptions granted to the activities listed in paragraphs 2, 3, 4, 56, of this Article, equally apply for tourist accommodation or other facilities or activities of any nature constructed or encouraged to supplement the same, such as villas, plots, lots, apartments, boat moorings etc. Another important point is the obligation of notifying the beginning of the project and of the construction of the qualified project, as a previous requirement to requiring anything else to the said organization CONFOTUR and the Technical Direction of the CONFOTUR is created to be in charge of creating the approval recommendations of every project.


Relative to fiscal exemptions, for example, the new touristic projects will obtain exempts for a period of time of fifteen 15 years but the Decree clarify that the ones that are already definitively qualified until the month of December ofwhich exemptions will be in use, will also benefit by this period of exemption, to say, for a total period of fifteen 15 years.

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Summary of the law on Tourism Incentives – Marte Guzman Castillo

The regulations precise the Planning Lineups of the Tourist Encouragement Board, CONFOTUR by its initials in Spanish, as well as establish that the same will have the faculty to determine, by a properly issued Resolution, the classification of the tourist projects or activities that will be benefited by the incentives contemplated by the said law.

New Application Regulations of Law No. An important aspect is that it will be necessary to have the Construction License emitted by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications, before submitting approval to the lists of goods to be imported for the first equipment of the qualified project, the list shall be presented in a period of time of three 3 years after the project leey initiated.