PRECISION COMPASS. * LENSATIC *. PROVEN • RUGGED ACCURATE. CAMMENGA. FAX ( ANILINE AVE. HOLLAND, MICHIGAN Learn how to use the lensatic compass used by the US Military. I get lots of questions via email from people wanting to know how to use a lensatic compass, and I think I’ve covered that pretty well in a series of two posts.

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From here it’s simple. The only problem is that this process takes time and tools. Turn the compass in a pensatic manner until the azimuth is directly beneath the black index line on the face. With the thumb loop all the way down under the compass, put the thumb of one hand all the way inside the loop, and place the index finger of that same hand along one side of the compass. This, in a nutshell, is how to perform a resection with a lensatic compass.

How to Read an Engineer Compass | Sciencing

Rotate the bezel on the face of the compass until the indicator is directly over the “north” position indicated by an upper case “N”. Put that hand up to the compass, steadying the compass by placing your index finger along the compass’s side, and wrapping your thumb between the bezel ring and the rear sight.

What I haven’t covered in much detail is some of the nuances of lensatic compasses, such as the tips and tricks to getting the most out of them in the field.

This one will deal with night and low light navigation, a topic that could span several lengthy articles on its own. One disadvantage is, unlike the orienteering compass, it’s not easy to make lfnsatic double as a protractor, meaning you’ll have to carry a protractor with you.


Using a Lensatic Compass

To find directions from your map, you’re going to need a protractor, a special instrument used for measuring angles. You can use this feature to set your compass in the lensahic.

Point of Interest An “azimuth” is pretty much the same as a “bearing.

If you don’t, visit the page just hyperlinked. This means that at around the 12 year mark, the tritium in your lensatic compass will have radiated about half the energy that it has to offer.

Next, do the same for the second point. Some of mqnual components’ terms are used in the explanations below.

Use the illustration above to familiarize yourself with the components of a lensatic compass. Using your protractor or other straight edge, you draw a line from your current position in the direction of where you want to go. Most people are aware that lensatic compasses are fitted with small amounts of tritium around the dial. They give the basics of manyal they work, how to shoot an azimuth, how to get a bearing, and so on. Have no fear, the science here is sound a leneatic.

Lensatic Compass Guide

How to Hold a Lensatic Compass. What Are the Parts of a Sextant? Tritium is considered safe for external use because it is a weak beta particle emitter – so weak in fact that the radiation it emits cannot penetrate human skin.

Return from Lensatic Compass to Home. You want to find your position using the technique of partial resection, so you need to know that tower’s bearing with a high degree of accuracy.


At that point you know what direction you need to head to get to your next stop, and if you pair that with an accurate distance you’ll be on your way in no time. Avoid magnetic fields from magnets, electrical appliances, iron or automobile engines. The lensatic compass is used by the U. Resection with a lensatic compass is a process whereby you can determine your own location from that of two known points in the distance.

We’ll start from the beginning, and go through everything you need to know to find your way over the terrain. So, take your map and lay it down on a flat surface i. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. In the last article we talked about declination, and how magnetic north and true north will vary depending on location and surrounding features. It has its advantages and disadvantages over the orienteering compass. Holding the compass up to your face, angle the rear sight so that you can read the compass dial clearly lenatic the lens while peering through the sighting slot and lining your distant target the water tower, in this case up with the sighting wire.