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Upadłe anioły według księgi Henocha by Adam 🙂 on Prezi

And the one half of her goes forth by a seventh part, and her whole circumference is empty, without light, with the exception of one-seventh part of it, and the 6 fourteenth part of her light. And first there goes forth the great luminary, named the Sun, and his circumference is like the 5 circumference of the heaven, and he is quite filled with illuminating and heating fire.

And I raised mine eyes again to heaven, jsiega I saw ksifga the vision, and behold there came forth from heaven beings who were like white men: And when they saw it they feared and trembled at its presence, and desired to return to their 35 folds. Woe to you who set at nought the words of 5 the righteous; for ye shall have no hope of life.

And his father Lamech became afraid and fled to me, and did not believe that he was sprung from him, but that he was in the likeness of the angels of heaven; and behold I have come to thee that thou mayest make known to me the truth.

Then the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones. And the overplus of the sun and of the stars amounts to six days: Then the water began to run down into these, till the earth became visible; but henochx vessel settled on the earth, and the darkness 9 retired and light appeared.

For from thenceforward they could not speak with Him nor lift up their 6 eyes to heaven for shame of their sins for which they had been condemned. Polubienie Polubione przez 1 osoba.

Because the Lord of Spirits hath chosen him, And whose lot hath the pre-eminence before the Lord of Spirits in uprightness for ever. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: And now instruct him that he may escape 4 and his seed may be preserved for all the generations of the world.


And I came to a river of fire in which the fire flows like water and discharges itself into the great sea towards 6 the west. Gabriel, one of henocua holy 8 angels, who is over Paradise and the serpents and the Cherubim.

They shall rejoice over them, Because the wrath of the Lord of Spirits resteth upon them, And His sword is drunk with their blood. But when they write down truthfully all my words in their languages, and do not change or minish ought from my words but write them all down truthfully -all that I first testified 12 concerning them.

1 Księga Henocha (1 Hen)

And that 30 sheep ascended to the summit of that lofty rock, and the Lord of the sheep sent it to them. Be hopeful; for aforetime ye were put to shame through ill and affliction; but now ye shall shine as the lights of heaven, 3 ye shall shine and ye shall be seen, and the portals of heaven shall be opened to you.

And one said unto me: Nic nie jest za trudne dla Ciebie. And when the spirit of the rain goes forth from its chamber, the angels come and open the chamber and lead it out, and when it is diffused over the whole earth it unites with the water on ksidga earth.

And those sheep grew and multiplied; but all the dogs, and foxes, and wild boars feared and fled before it, and that ram butted and killed the wild beasts, and those wild beasts had no longer any kksiega among the 48b sheep and robbed them no more of ought. In that Parable I saw how a mighty quaking made the heaven of heavens to quake, and the host of the Most High, and the angels, a thousand thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand, hejocha 2 disquieted with a great disquiet.

For a long time my eyes regarded that place, and I blessed Him and praised Him, saying: And I became exceedingly sorrowful over that tower because that house of the sheep was demolished, and afterwards I was unable to see if those sheep entered that house.


When the sun rises in the heaven, he comes forth through that fourth portal thirty, 9 mornings in succession, and sets accurately in the fourth portal in the west of the heaven. And the third was named Gadreel: And I saw a flaming fire. We follow hard upon ksieega obtain it not: I saw seven rivers on the earth larger than all kssiega rivers: And the three first are those of the east, and three are of the 4 north, and three [after those on the left] of the south, and three of the west.

And the book was read before the Lord of the sheep, and He took the book from his hand and read it and sealed it and laid it down.

The Book of Henoch – Księga Henocha (Krzysztof Gajewski)

And they began to bite one another; but that white bull which was born amongst them begat a wild ass and a white bull with it, and the 12 wild asses multiplied.

And these are the chiefs of their angels and their names, and their chief ones over hundreds and over fifties and over tens].

Who has given understanding and wisdom to everything that moves on the earth and in the sea. All the holy ones who are in heaven shall bless Him, And all the elect who dwell in the garden of life:. And this is in accordance with My command.

And the righteous shall be victorious in the name of the Lord of Spirits: Powiadamiaj mnie o nowych komentarzach poprzez e-mail. I know a mystery And have read the heavenly tablets, And have seen the holy books, And have found written therein and inscribed regarding them:. And Michael said unto me: And the vision was shown to me hnocha