The Alien Book of Truth: Who Am I? What Am I Doing? Why Am I Here? (UFO Chronicles Series). Ida M. Kannenberg. from: $ Ida Kannenberg Biography – – Ida Kannenberg Biography and List of Works – Ida Kannenberg Ida Kannenberg Is the author of books such as Reconciliation. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Ida Kannenberg on MyHeritage, the world’s family history network.

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Meantime, organize Part II according to your suggestion. You all said the work was now synchronized, or someone said, amalgamated. It will be done, maybe not at once, but as soon as feasible. After publishing the books she done with first mentor, Hweig, in Ida mailed a box of unpublished diaries and essays along with a note to use them as I iannenberg.

Ida Kannenberg (Author of My Brother Is a Hairy Man)

Ida, somehow your conscious mind is in direct contact as far as we have been able to ascertain, and this is the only instance in which this has ever occurred.

Plus – She was funny and sassy, and it makes her books perfectly delightful. It is a physical experience that accompanies a specific type of transmission idaa the UFOlk. Your analysis of a common meeting ground or area where we project an image and you project your vision or sense of sight is exact.

Only central line open now.

You will probably be told in detail how this happens as you write your books with The Nameless One. At the first of the year you will be required to begin training for a new task, and you will be writing all the time as well. She was close friends with Leo Sprinkle, and he gave me her email address an encouraged me kannnenberg reach out to her.


I do hope that by now she’s closer to the answers we’re all looking for. Posted by Mike Clelland! We are concerned with the misinformation some of the books you have shown us seem to offer. So I put my head under the pillow.

hidden experience: Ida Kannenberg, a delightful Contactee

It has never happened like this before. They all said a fond farewell and then were supposed to cut out except for emergencies. I corresponded briefly during the winter of The content of the training was radically different in some respects, but the methodology was the same. The resolution of this mystery came last night, as the result of a TV program which made me extremely nervous which I did not want to watch or listen to, but Bill did.

The UFO community has lost one of its true jewels. kannenverg

Thank you for posting this Mike. I have read many books on alien-contactee authors, and this one seems to be a fake. It is not in the brain it is in the mind above the mind, it is super-consciousness. It took only a few clicks, and I soon found the sad kannenbegg that I suspected. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.


Ida Kannenberg

Yet, Kannenberg puzzled in down-to-earth terms and called herself a little old lady in tennis shoes. Which one would you recommend to start getting acquainted with her material? When did you learn she had passed away? Always help will be given you and you will be protected in every way at all times. I could detect only one. The UFO people consider themselves in your debt for several reasons and wish to partly repay you by giving you information on Atlantis and the Maya, as you indicated interest in doing this.

Similar authors to follow

Long sunken lands of Mu are rising anew in the present time, a rebirth of Earth’s ancient heritage coming forward newly with a new generation TimeStar seeks to understand and communicate with the intelligence of the Earth and her processes.

A tireless researcher, she wrote seven books about UFO contact, psychic development, extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials and time travelers.

It is possibly the closest thing to our collaboration isa could imagine. This is my field activity, part from the other purposes of the UFO people. If they are, we will abandon this idea and give you other work.

You are quick witted and good natured and your abilities increase every day though you are not aware of the training you are undergoing.