Thread: Ibarat-e-Akabir ka Tanqeedi Jaiza عبارات اکابر کا تحقیقی جائزہ ibārāt e akābir kā taĥqīqī wa tanqīdī jāeyzah – vol 1 by MNoori. Qur’an · Qur’an Commentary · Sciences of the Qur’an · Hadith · Hadith Commentary · Principles of Hadith · Rulings on Hadith · Aqidah. Ibaraat e Akabir By Shaykh Muhammad Sarfraz Khan Safdar (r.a). Posted on December 16, by islamicbookslibrary. Read Online. Version 1. Download.

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They always say me wrong things fitna of thier moulana about jam’aat people Connect with us for speedy, stellar support: Your accounts read Google service configuration. Sign In Sign Up. When was the last time you got a reward just for doing the things you do every day?

Islam calls itself the correct or true way of worshipping the Almighty. Minor updates and bug fixes Scan barcodes for products like Coca-Cola, Dreyer’s and more in any store for instant rewards!

Darul Ifta, Darul Uloom Deoband India

But I want to change my religion. Jis par Allah ta’ala kee lanat us kee maut is anjam par hoti heh. Also, recite the third kalimah, durood and istighfar one hundred times each in the morning and evening. Also plz pray for my guidance and sucess. For more information visit http: You akavir strive to bring them to the right path with wisdom and insight in the light of these books.

Scan barcodes for products like Coca-Cola, Dreyer’s and more in any store for instant rewards! Sarfaraz Khan Safdar Books Refutation. Your location approximate network-based location, precise GPS location. I would like to know about Dawat-e-Tabligh. Dil ka Suroor k jawab mein agr koi book hamare sunni ullama ki likhi gai ho to baraye meherbani uska link faraham karden ibara.


Pls reply me some strong hadith with reference of books to answer them against their wrong practices such as following “pirs”,”mannat in mazaar”,”thier bid’aad way of zikr in darkness” Ya Allah tera shukr, tera shukr kay tooh nay mujjay in mardood say nikal kar apnay habib kay ashiqeen ki saf meh la khara keeya, ya Allah meh nay ibrat ibarah kee is mardood ki maut say, ya Allah is kee maut ko auroon kay leyeh bi nishan ibart ibrat bana ameen.


Join us for free to see more information about your app and learn how we can help you promote and earn money with your app. Scan products at your local store to keep the points flowing and your account in good standing. Islam doesnt say ibarta other religions are wrong per se.

Ibarat e Akabir

Grocery Shopping List Ease. But they never challenge me,coz they knw i hav true knowledge of islam thanx to allah You should often recite the Holy Quran and keep remembering your death. If that is the case, why many Muslims Scholars and preachers publicly say that other religions are “wrong” and Islam is akabkr only correct and true religion? Probably I was fortunate to meet a pious man who reminded me of our real aim in life and helped me to motivate myself to lead aabir Islamic way of life.

Wa salaam I am an Indian Hindu. With CheckPoints, you can pick up points no matter where you are on the map! Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

I am a 20 years old boy, and i am Hindu from birth my mother and father both are Hindu. But it only says that people of other religions have misinterpreted their religions and they are worhsipping the Almighty in a wrong way. You should also go in tablighi jamat for one for forty days or four months. I use to go on jam’aat Find the Android apps that are trending right now.


Assalam o Alaikum warahmat ullah: Still they may not feel any problem for themselves ,but it does become a problem for a common man when he tries return towards the Din f Allah, or when he becomes serious about Islam and wishes to work in the way of Allah.

– Rahnuma eBooks Library

ibarar Express news ka small cut is pic mai hay. Ya Allah maut Islam par deh, eman par deh, apni muhabat aur ibadat aur apnay habib kee muhabbat aur tazeem par deh, Ya Allah mujjay aur meri walden, behan bahiyoon, meri nasal ko ta qayamat taq tamam fitnoon say mafooz rakh aur hammeh apnay habib kee shaan kay difa meh jaan laranay wala bana deh. Each user must have the ability to receive SMS text messages lbarat verify the device and will be responsible for any carrier charges for such SMS text messages for account registration points, referral points, and rewards redemptions.

Pls share the links.

Minor updates and bug fixes. Amid such situation it is natural to have conflicts between different ideologies.

Jis ke pics newpaper mai ae the. I am a college student at Srinagar Kashmir.

Each subscription will automatically renew 3 days before the expiration date for the same time period. Is it permissible to use internet forums where males and females engage in online Islamic discussions? Network communication view network connections, view Wi-Fi connections, pair with Bluetooth devices, full network access, receive data from Internet.

Al hamdulillahi rabil Alameen. All product scans are uploaded and carefully reviewed. Ibarrat September 13, by MuhammedAli.