The Halls of Amenti The Great White Lodge also goes by the names The Great White Brotherhood & The Brotherhood of Light. The Great White. Today marks the opening of another powerful fifth dimensional portal here on Earth. These events happen continuously with varying degrees of. Halls of Amenti is a one-song EP by Cephalic Carnage released by Willowtip Records. The song is 19 minutes in length. It is an experimental song done in a.

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I was told by a scientist that is impossible unless it was in an experiment in a vaccume, yet it happens. When ye have released the self from the body, rise to the outermost bounds of your earth-plane. Vision Amenti as I have told in my Tablets.

The God of the OT is a low revengeful entity. Reblogged this on iridescent flame and commented: Reason and Wisdom provide the way out of the rabbit hole. This deity rules over the Halls of Amenti that must be passed to find Gnosis, i. If that idea completely resonates with you, there’s an immense task waiting for you! Ignorance is what keeps The Halls of Amenti on Earth intact. Arbitrator of Cause and Effect in thy life.

Socrates already said it: Malawi Witch-doctors suspected of snatching children and using their body parts for wealthy clients August 15, And this is the most difficult full-time job one can have on Earth. But leaving your comfort zone on a regular basis in combination with thorough Self-examination on a daily basis is a must. This will continue to go on until you finally “get it”, i. Go, as yet will. But what does Thoth mean with the Halls of Amenti?

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Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. When would access to this place be granted, and how to go about it when it is guarded? Three are the qualities of each of the natures; nine in all, as above, so below.

Know ye, ye are threefold in nature, physical, astral and mental in one. Feelings and emotions are the lowest qualities of Humans three lower chakrassince they develop first.

There are physical entrances to Amenti found at the foot of the Sphinx, Stonehenge, Maccu Pichu and the Tibetan mountains. Much of your scientific world shall step foot next to the portal of no return, and yet there will only be a select few, a handful of those who are indeed reading this message, that shall walk confidently into the portal and release the hidden energetic awareness to all of humanity.

~HALLS OF AMENTI PORTAL – Sirian High Council~

Any by whom is it guarded? Similar with the projection of a 3-dimensional shape in a 2-dimensional plane. Gallons of water implode by themselves in my house. Based on the qualities of man are the Brothers: Hear and obey the words that I give.

Then spoke a voice, mighty and solemn, saying: Hi Matt, i just see your question now. Now ye assemble, my children, waiting to hear the Secret of Secrets which shall give ye power to unfold the God-man, give ye the way to Eternal life. Thou hast been made free of the Halls of Amenti. Down they descended and created bodies, taking the semblance of men as their own.


This is the only real task humans have on earth. Now give I the Key to Shambbalah, the place where my Brothers live in the darkness: According to the String theory, also called the M-theory, has the 3-dimensional physical world at least 7 thus at least 10 in total dimensions above.

Halls of Amenti Initiation – Crystalinks

Meditation is the key to that. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Think over and over that thou wouldst be free. Journey to Amentihas not been released. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with.

Misconceptions are easily born by taking words literally. But that is not enough. I bookmarked your website to read later. Amenri is no true God. The Demiurge — a tricky deity with great power, but nothing more than an dark angel with great powers. Halls of Amenti Digital Carnage. This entity or deity disturbs the Universal Truth like a colour filter in front of camera, and makes it even harder to find the truth.