to find deadlines and important dates for the pre-registration year on the key dates page. Forms and key dates . The registration assessment explained The registration assessment is one of the Developing and demonstrating your knowledge and competence · 5. The. Assessing your knowledge and competence You are assessed in two ways. 4. Developing and demonstrating your knowledge and competence.

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White Paper and Document. You can also get in touch with the RPS mentor scheme, or other pre-registration janual if you need more help.

Workbook Register to Access Content: Examples of possible reference sources include: Registration Assessment Sittings Part 2. Part one Part One is the morning paper. Part two Part two is the afternoon paper. Improving Manuual Between Community Pharmacy and General Practice A joint initiative from the General Practitioners Committee of the British Medical Association and the National Pharmacy Association The General Practitioners Committee of the British Medical Association and the National Pharmacy Association have produced this workbook to help GPs and community pharmacists manage their day-to-day interactions in such a way as to maximize efficiency and ensure a safe and effective service to patients.

Health and wellbeing boards will bring together local organisations to work in partnership and Healthwatch will provide a powerful voice for patients and local communities. Its aim is to guide pharmacy educators in pharmacy practice, to educate pharmacy students and to guide pharmacists in practice to update their skills.

It covers key mwnual such as funding arrangements for pharmacies, the impact of prescribing policies and the range of clinical and administrative functions that community pharmacies currently provide. The pass mark for each paper varies from sitting to sitting depending on the combined difficulty of the questions.

You will need to bring your own calculator to the assessment and you are responsible for making sure that it works on the day. The ‘Never Events’ List to Dictionary Register to Access Content: Videos Register to Access Content: Who regulates health and social care professionals? MeReC publications are high quality resources useful to a wide range of healthcare professionals. Skip to main content. The manual provides an overview of pre-registration training and the GPhC requirements for the training year.


Panel members all have first-hand experience of working with recently qualified and preregistration trainee pharmacists. You can only teg considered for entry to the registration assessment once you have achieved a week progress report that is marked as satisfactory. Pre-registration Manual Search Term.

Pre-reg manual now online | General Pharmaceutical Council

Various Register to Access Content: The registration assessment is in two parts. Medicines reconciliation is an important practice that all healthcare organisations that admit adult inpatients should have policies in place for. Proprietary Association of Great Britain Medicines Advertising Codes Vphc of practice for advertising over-the-counter medicines which are subject to a marketing authorisation or traditional herbal medicines registration.

Registration assessment preparation Registration assessment framework Competence and final declaration up Registration assessment preparation. Secondly, you must sit the registration assessment to demonstrate your understanding of the knowledge and outcomes in the registration assessment framework which is relevant to working as a pharmacistas well as your calculations ability.

The assessment makes sure that all trainees have reached the same minimum standard of ability, no matter where they have trained in Great Britain. Guidelines Register to Access Content: Learning points from the June registration assessment.

We will write to these trainees to let them know where they have been allocated a place, but if you receive this letter, it does not mean you have been entered into the assessment.

The registration assessment regulations gpphc out key information and rules that cover the assessment.

Pre-reg manual now online

Feedback from the June registration assessment Feedback from the September registration assessment Learning points from the June registration assessment Gph The primary purpose of the A to Z was to provide an accessible, easy-to-use survey of current research in the pharmaceutical industry operating in Great Britain and overseas in Locally, clinical commissioning groups — made up gpc doctors, nurses and other professionals — will buy services for patients, while local councils formally take on their new roles in promoting public health.

One focuses on advertising directed at consumers while the other relates to advertising aimed at persons qualified to prescribe and supply PQPSand people working for them.


The registration assessment is set and moderated by an independent board of assessors. You can find out more about how the papers are put together and find out more about how they are marked on our website. You must bring one of these models:.

5. The registration assessment | General Pharmaceutical Council

Your tutor will still sign your progress report as satisfactory if you have met their expectations for this stage rev training. Guidance Register to Access Content: This is an example of an extended matching question: You will be rg to use calculators in this part of the registration assessment. You can also find out more about how the registration assessment paper is developed and also how the papers are marked in our YouTube video presentations.

Use the latest feedback documents below to help you prepare for your attempt.

You should develop an action plan — including SMART objectives — to help you deal with your shortfalls against the performance standards. Developing pharmacy practice A focus on patient care This introductory handbook sets out a new paradigm for pharmacy practice. The standard a pre-registration trainee must achieve to pass the registration assessment remains the same across each sitting.

You will use only the reference sources provided in the resource pack.

Pre-registration Manual

The registration assessment prw sets out how the assessment will be run and will help you decide if you need to request a reasonable adjustment. This guide aims to support general practitioners GPs and community pharmacists in developing more effective working relationships and in turn, improve primary care services for patients.

Leaflet Register to Access Content: These performance standards describe what you must be able to do and how you must behave in order to gain entry to the GPhC register.

Publication Register to Access Content: The earlier steps are often based on logic and are easy to plan.