Goraksha Shataka is an important Natha work ascribed to the direct authorship of the Guru Gorakhnath. | Yoga Vedanta. Goraksha Satakam. ID: MRE Goraksha Satakam. goraksha_satakam. Books & Manuscripts on this site are not for sale, or for any kind of commercial use. The Goraksha Sataka – Download as PDF ), Text ) or read online. Goraksah satakam vakti yoginam hitakamyaya Dhruvam.

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In the pericarp shatakx the thousand petalled lotus there is the orb of the full moon. The last pair shows the closest affinity. Yatindram yogindram, Sakala vcasudhaya hitalaram Sada sevyam bhavya, Kalimala-daham sadhu sukhadam Paramparam jyotirjam, Nibhrtaharam karanam param Bhajet tatrupam sruti kirtitam, Natapadam gorakha priyam 11 We worship him who is the lord of the yatis and yogis, most benevolent to this earth, worthy of adoration by the great.

By knowing whom can one become one of the fifty-two heroes bavan bir? One should hold the Prana accompanied by the mind for five ghatikas i. What is illusion and what is goraosha The same commentator while commenting upon nearly the same line in Y.

Even if all the copies of this work went out of stock long back and its reprint was very much opportune very early we could not do so for the want of identifying the reported two missing verses. Omkara srstirupaya, Hrimkara pratipalane Srimkara vardayakaya, Gomkara yoga rupine 23 Shztaka Goraksanathjiyou are the whole creation in the form of omkar; in the form of hrimkar you foster the world; in the form; in shatska form of shatska you are a bestower of boons and in the form of gomkar you are yoga embodiment controller of all senses.


When we take into consideration this picture of Susumna, it is clear that the view taken by Suresvaracarya of the origin of Susumna is not acceptable to the Tantrikas.

Goraksha Satakam |

Tracing the further progress of this Nadi, we find that it proceeds to the point where the base of the skull and the nasal septum meet. Where is the immortal elixir? There Gaudapada condemns the worship of Gorkasha and Svadhisthana Cakras, because according to him these are full of Tamoguna or dark ignorance. In 73, the micro-cosmic location of Adya Sadasiva is said to be Akasa or Brahmarandhra.

We should like to discuss this point here and then take up our discussion about the course of Susumna again. Macchendra — Knowledge Gyana is the lamp; the word shabda is the light prakash ; contentment santokh — santosha is the wick in which the oil resides; one should destroy duality and be without partiality akhandit. But because of unfortunate demise of both the editors of this Text, we could not supply this appendix to our readers.

Evidently they cannot be placed on the same level in their genealogy, but their general family characteristics are so well marked that it may be possible to think of a common hypothetical source, no matter how remote. So, a hunt for additional MSS. Ida is situated in the left region, Pihgala in the right, while Susumna is in the mid-region and Gandhari reaches the left eye.

The bija-mantra of Varuna, in white, resting on a makara, a legendary creature, a fabulous sea-monster, resembling an aligator, the vehicle of Kama. It is easy to understand how Briggs came to this conclusion. Nor again, with the help of gorraksha available data, could we trace the MSS.


Research and publish the best content. Patanjali accepts any sitting pose that is steady and comfortable.


The withholding of this nectar from the Sun is called Pratyahara. They are various patterns of sitting postures.

Bn4 to or even more. Our suggestion engine uses more signals but entering a few keywords here will rapidly give you great content to curate. Mohan Singh, also is faced with the difficult problem of harmonizing the entire group of popular legends, particularly the composition of the twelve ‘contemporary’ disciples, some of whom are clearly separated from Gorakhanatha by several years.

How did the first consciousness begin ad ki surat? If I forget it, how am I to cross over? Further as shown in II in this introduction, G.

Blessed by him the dumb shall grow eloquent and the lame shall stride across a mountain. It is indexed as “Sanskrit MS.

Goraksha Shataka – | Yoga Vedant

As regards the chronology of the Mss. However, scholars are at a loss to understand how this nipple-like thing which evidently denotes Uvula, can be connected with Susumna which leads to salvation. Ekastambham navadwaram grham pancndhidaivatam Svadeham ye na jananti katham sidhyanti yoginah. This is called Padmasana which destroys all diseases of Yogins self-controlled persons. A complete list follows, most recent