The great Mahasidda Tilopa said to Naropa: “Mahamudra cannot be taught.” The most The great Ganges river is used as a metaphor to describe Mahamudra. – Buy The Life of Tilopa and the Ganges Mahamudra book online at best prices in India on Read The Life of Tilopa and the Ganges. Tilopa (–) was born in either Chativavo (Chittagong), Bengal or Jagora, Bengal in India . External links[edit]. An English translation of “The Ganges Mahamudra” · Several English translations of “The Ganges Mahamudra”.

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Please write feedback here Here you can read media articles about the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia which have been published all over the world. He who abandons craving And clings not to this or that, Perceives the real meaning Given in the Scriptures. One who wishes to attain this level of meditation should first begin by practicing remembrance on the breath.

The uncreated ground of all is clear of the obscuring veil of propensities. A tree spreads its branches and leaves.

Self-liberation beyond expectation or hope is the supreme result or fruition. Meditate alone in the forest, in retreats, in solitary places. If you rely upon karmamudrathe wisdom of bliss vanges emptiness will arise. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Experience this grief and forget the affairs of the world.

Ganges Mahamudra – class | Unfettered Mind

The light of any lamp Dispels in a moment The magamudra of long kalpas; The strong light of the mind In but a flash will burn The veil of ignorance. For example, if the single root of a tree with a trunk and many branches, leaves, flowersand fruit, is cut, the ten thousand or one hundred thousand branches will automatically die. Bring it down and give rise to the mandala.


If the mind is dull and you are unable to practice these instructions, Retaining essential breath and expelling the sap of awareness, Practising fixed gazes – methods of focussing the mind, Discipline yourself until the state of total awareness abides.

Now, this is very much, as it says right at the top, this is very much a work in progress. Rest, not practicing anything. When there is no hope and no fearthat is the final result, and the fruition has been attained or revealed. The mind is like the midst of space.

Natural Awareness: Mahamudra texts

The conceptualized maintenance of vows actually causes you to impair the meaning of samaya. How pitiful are these fools who undergo unbearable sufferings in the lower realms! The body, like a hollow bamboo, has no substance. I have a very specific question. For example, it is like the luminous heart of the sunwhich could never be obscured even by the darkness of a thousand eons.

The Void needs no reliance, Mahamudra rests on nought. Manamudra beginners, this is similar to water [gushing down] a gorge. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of gangs, ad-free.

Ganges Mahamudra by Tilopa (translated by Lama Yeshe Gyamtso)

Mists rise from the earth and vanish into space. These things of samsara are meaningless or pointless, the causes of suffering. Those foolish people who are disinterested in this truth are continually carried off and wasted by the great river of cyclic existence.

In the same way, although we call the mind clear light or luminosity, simply calling it so does not make it true that there is actually any thing within the mind that is a true basis for that designation.

When there is mahakudra hope or fear, you have realized the goal. The supreme Action Embraces great resourcefulness Without attachment.

Transcendence of all gangws and object [duality] is the king of views. Do not seek to stop projections, but let them come to rest of themselves. Is space anywhere supported? Alex Wayman rendered Tilopa’s “Six Precepts” as. With non-seeking awareness, one attains the King of Results. And you will find on that, six or seven different translations of this text.


Tilopa’s Mahamudra Teaching to Naropa

Likewise, your mind, in essence, is beyond color or shape. The unborn omnipresent base dissolves your impulsions and delusions: Self-liberation beyond expectation or hope is the supreme result or fruition. Likewise, one moment of sheer clarity Dispels the ignorance, evil and confusion of a thousand eons.

Adherents of shamanic ritual and of the Mahayana of the Sutra and Vinaya, and followers of The Religions with all their various scholastic theologies and devotions have no idea of the marvelous innate Mahamudra. Those who follow gamges and the vehicle of the paramitas, the Vinaya, the Sutras, and the various teachings of the Buddha with an attachment for their individual textual traditions and their individual philosophy will not come to see luminous Mahamudra, because the seeing of that luminosity or clear light is obscured by their intention and attitude.

When there is no deliberate effort, mahamydra is the king of conduct. Not making an effort, one attains the King of Conduct. When trees grow leaves and branches, If you cut the roots, the many leaves yanges branches wither. Since the Alaya is not born, No one can obstruct or soil it; Staying in the “Unborn” realm All appearance will dissolve Into the Dharmata, all self-will And pride will vanish into nought.