Print Email. Eona. Genre: Middle Grade. EonaThe Last Dragoneye Now she is Eona, the Mirror Dragoneye, her country’s savior — but she has an even. The Two Pearls of Wisdom is a fantasy novel by Alison Goodman. It follows the story of Eon who has potential to become a Dragoneye, being pp (first edition). ISBN · Followed by, Eona The Last Dragoneye. Eon has been revealed as Eona, the first female Dragoneye in to reach the devastating revelation that precedes the novel’s final climactic act.

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So, this is the result. I will occasionally use a paragraph or two from the actual book because there are events I’d like to keep in this rewrite also to give the readers who have not yet read EONA a few hints on what really happens.

Eona: The Last Dragoneye

So don’t flame me for that, this IS a rewrite after all. The world was crying. The dragons, the skies, my people; everyone was crying because of Sethon. He had taken away our peace, ten of our Dona Dragoneye, and thus caused the world to be in chaos. There were monsoons, earth shakes, floods, all because the Dragoneye were no longer here to protect and nourish the land. All but Ido, Dillon, and I. The river racing below me sprayed mist into the air around me, and I had to brace my feet from falling off the rock.

I had stood here every morning to listen to the dragon’s agonizing cry combined with my own dragon’s song. This morning, it was stronger. Maybe the dragons had returned to the circle? They had vanished when lsst Dragoneye were killed. I concentrated and looked into my mind-sight.

I united with my dragon, smiling at the joy we both shared. From my dragon’s eyes, the land below my earthly body’s feet was a swirling mass of colors everywhere. The world’s Hua had been disrupted due to the absence of the ten lords, as they are not here to help balance it.

Suddenly, we heard the cry of the other dragons.

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My mouth was filled with the sour taste of rage and despair. I gasped at the sudden weight against us, several sets of claws and teeth lashing out. We were being attacked by the ten bereft dragons. I had to get out before I was killed. I struggled to shift back to the earthly plane, but to no avail. I caught her outstretched hand and noticed her swollen red eyes.

Dragonwye nodded, and my concern peaked. It was hard to believe that the strong islander, who never gave up on anything, was succumbing to his terrible injuries.

Maybe going three days without his daily dose of Sun drug to boost his strength was a factor; surely it was taking a heavy toll on his body. The big islander had fought so hard to stop Lord Ido from seizing my dragon power.

Even after he had been so badly wounded, he had led us out of the captured palace to the safety of the resistance. No, we could not leave Ryko. But we could not move him, either. As we approached the small house, the ugly islander named Solly met ena with a pain-stricken face:. We nodded our thanks and the three of us ventured inside. Pushing aside the red flags of good luck, we entered the smoky room. Dela had to choke back a sob at the sight of our eon. Tozay looked up at the sound and acknowledged us with a nod, not daring to speak while the Beseecher was chanting and waving his lantern.


Tozay’s daughter Vida was crouched next to him, a blank expression on her face. He had a long gash along his side from his armpit to hip; there were sections of flesh that torn free of the rough stitching showing pale bone and vivid red tissue.

His hand, resting on his chest, was swollen and purple where Ido had tortured him.

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Dela gently took his healthy hand into her lap, stroking it with tenderness. She waved the Beseecher off as the physician came in with a bowl of steaming ginseng for Ryko’s hand.

Could I save Ryko? I had thought vragoneye Ido and I were healed by the extra power of first union between dragon and Dragoneye. Perhaps that was not true. Maybe the Mirror Dragon and I could always heal. But I can’t even direct my dragon’s power, much less use it. If I tried to heal Ryko, we could fail miserably at the lack of experience.

Or we would be ripped apart by the sorrow of the ten bereft dragons. I was not one to play with life and death like a god; I was a Dragoneye with no training. Don’t fail him again. Harsh words, but they were true. Even after lying to Ryko and betraying his trust, he had protected me with his life and fought and suffered for the hope of getting my power.

Yet what was the good of protecting power if I did not have the courage to use it? I shifted my skirt around me so my bare legs touched the earth, instinctively searching for more contact with the earth’s energy and power. The physician scrambled to the farthest dfagoneye, Tozay and Vida backed away near the door, Dela did not move.

Maybe if I was touching him, just as Ido had been touching me when my dragon and I forced compassion unto him, it would work. Gingerly, I placed my palm on the muscle of Ddagoneye chest above his heart. His skin was hot, and his heartbeat as fast and light as a captured bird’s. Taking a deep breath, I drew on my Huausing the pulsing life force to focus my mind-sight into the energy world. There was a sudden shift in my vision, as though I had lurched forward. The room shimmered into the landscape of power that only a Dragoneye could see, swirling in intricate patters of rainbow colors.

Over my left shoulder I caught sight eragoneye the coiled form of the Rat Dragon in the north-northwest. His energy was sluggish and thin. My own dragon came to me, waiting to be called. There were still no other dragons in the circle. Were they waiting for another chance to rush to their queen? Pushing the thought away, I opened my pathways of Hua and inhaled the cinnamon spice from dragonete dragon as I called our shared name. I felt my earthly body smile broadly, but the joy was short-lived when I remembered that the dragons could come at any moment.


Through dragon eyes high above the clouds, I could see Ryko’s quickly diminishing life force. I saw my own hand, flowing with golden Huaresting above his pale green heart point. Just like I had touched Ido. I focused all my Hua in my being into one command: At once, everything changed. I was no longer in two places at once; we had melded directly into Hua. As one, we could see Ryko’s life force trying to fix the damage, but it was too great.

There was not much time, he was near the spirit world.

We carefully dug into his Hua, finding the exact areas where he was damaged. The threads of the silver energy were complexly braided into even thinner threads that were connected all through his body. We sang to them, a silent harmony of healing that wove golden threads of energy into each intricate braid, quickening the cycle of repair and encouraging his spirit to hold on just a bit longer.

With my legs dug into the ground, we drew power from the earth, from the air, chambering it all into his body, knitting together damaged flesh and sinew, broken bone and spirit. His words penetrated our song, breaking my concentration. I felt my mind-sight waver, my vision narrowing back into my earthly body.

The flow of Hua faltered, eoha my fear peaked into sharp determination.

I groped for a hold llast the energy world, the lxst of the song slipping from my clumsy grasp. I knew only one dragon command: I screamed it out— Eona. Within my roar of despair, I heard her song sharpen and hook my flailing focus, drawing me back into the golden melding of our Hua.

A rush of the sour taste of despair flooded my mouth. The ten dragons had come. We braced ourselves and kept pushing our work, we would not give up.

We sang his healing, barely withstanding the savage energy that clawed at our connection. Around us, the ten bereft dragons shimmered into pale, howling outlines. The Rat Dragon suddenly reared from his corner, his tense pain replaced with dragineye speed.

He rammed the opaque Ox Dragon beside him, then launched above us, sweeping in a circle that drove back the other advancing dragons. Faintly, we felt another voice screaming with effort. We recoiled from the acrid orange taste of his power, but this time he was not seeking control. He was defending us. The Rat dragon reared again and met the wild energy of the ten bereft dragons.

The roof of the fisher house exploded, raining wooden shingles and dust into the room.