Common KnowledgeSeriesVamp Chronicles Diary of a Vampeen by Christin Lovell, 1. Vamp Yourself for War (Vamp Chronicles, #2) by Christin Lovell, 2. Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles #1) by Christin Lovell. Title; Diary of a On to book two; Vamp Yourself For War! Posted by Claire G at. Buy Vamp Yourself for War by Christin Lovell (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices Such a wonderful follow up from ‘Diary of a Vampeen’.

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Be on the lookout for more youtself regarding this acquisition in Vamp Chronicles is a young adult paranormal vampire romance dary that follows Lexi on her journey from awkward, overweight teen to strong, confident vampeen.

It seems many have not read the updates on this series. I have signed over the entire series to a publisher. I no longer have control over the release dates, this oyurself for the ofr book in the series. The publisher owns the rights to the entire series. The publisher has the entire series. It is up to them when these titles re release.

I will post release dates as they are provided to me. The only thing I would change is Lex having feelings for just about every vamp she meets. It should be her and Kellen all the way. I would like to thank you for writing such an amazing series. I vaamp am wiring this urging you to do two things. The first would be to release book four, I have been sleepless for days reading the first three books. Once I reached the end of the story I wanted to cry, mainly because my time burner is now finished.

The second would vampden to signg a movie contract for vakp series. I love your work, it provides the distraction needed to survive my highly complicated life.

Please do not stop your hard work, I truly enjoy it. Cant wait 4 the next book counting down for when it comes out on April 18 going 2 buy it as soon as it comes out along with my friends who r addicted to the vampp too!! Hopefully he wont die!!!! I have been waiting 4 this 4 4ever! Does anyone no an estimated DATE 4 when it might come out? I am a totally Kellan fan! In my eyes u look like Bani and 3. I cant find book 4 on the bookstore! Could u help me? I have all the books that came out and im just sooooo excited to finish!!!

A good estimate would be a little over a week from then. Sorry for the delays! You are an amazing writer and have found my FAV Vamp series!!


Keep up the good work girly!!!! I got all the books right away and finished them in like a day!!! Need book four now!!!

So glad I am not the only one that has read the series more than 5 times it might be a little much but Ffor love them so much!!!!! I just have to tell you this was the first book series I bought on my new tablet two years ago I just love this series.

I have read all of them that are out right now. You really know how to write a book I look forward to all your books. Darkness Falls cant come soon yoursflf i fell in love with the story as soon as i read the first chapter of diary of a vampeen…so excited…. OMG I have read all the books in about a month and i cant believe Darkness falls is only 2 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chrtisin, you put that in book three and four, he is very much alive but everything ties at the end of the series.

What do you mean by that? They were meant to be at the very beginning. He loved her for what she was and looked at at the time and was there for her. People were wondering with the epilogue of book 3 if Kellan was alive, which was why I said he was definitely alive and well in book 4. It will all be one cohesive circle in the end, flowing and making sense from beginning to end.

Diary of a Vampeen: Vamp Yourself for War

Book 7 is coming. That was such a great book! It had vivid descriptions, I could picture everything Lex was talking about! Twilight fits to move over! Please write more books! I absolutely plan to write more. Currently there are 7 books planned for the series. Im so glad that there are more because im a senior in high school and they are the only books ive read and finished. I really hope you keep reading. Still in the writing phase for book 4.

The series will remain a young adult series all the way through. I would love to see the books made into movies. I just read the first two again! I read both of her books like 10 times! I LOVE your books!

Vamp Yourself for War (Vamp Chronicles, #2) by Christin Lovell

I read both books in five days flat. Do you think you will ever make a movie from your books? Kellan is my dream guy.

I love Mel she acts just like my friend Melanie what a coincidence! So glad you enjoyed the books! I think almost every author at some point would sacrifice their right arm to see their baby a. You can create an ideal in your mind and then work hard to make it become reality. Thank you for reading them! Hoping to finish it sooner rather than later. Hi I was wondering if kai is in the 6th book at all ii cried when he died and I really miss thin in the end of the book so is he at all in book 6.


Hey I had a? Ok so I read the three books in three days. The ending of the third book confused me. Idk if I will be able to wait for the fourth to come out to knnow!!!!! I keep checking to see when the formatting has been completed and submitted to iTunes, but nothing yet, sorry. I promise to let everyone know the moment it is available though! Now I will have to buy the hole set and all that will come.

I definitely plan to finish all 7 books. Um do you know the date when the fourth book of diary of a vampeen comes out? It will be released sometime in My goal is before May. I will be reading the first three book over and over to feed my hunger to read the new one. It would be like a birthday prez to me!!! The first one was suggested to me on iTunes as a top free book, I was hooked from the beginning. I have read books 1 and 2 in the last 2 days, and am happy to learn I can now continue on to book 3.

A little disappointed in iTunes for not having book 3, but so happy I could find it on Amazon. I feel like a teenager again reading your books.

The details so vivid, the characters so mesmerizing. You really know how to get the reader involved in the stories, it draws you in, and you never want to let go. Thanks for your patience! I hope that helps! Just wanted to give you readers feed back. I love this series very different from the other vampire books out there.

Has great structure and relationships with the characters. Im not a writer but I am reading all the time one of a few series and books I would tell others to read. I love the diary of a vampeen series abd i loved hit the road jack and i cant wait for the fourth installment.

Unfortunatly, i if only read the first book in the series. It has me completly hooked, and when i get money you know which book im buying! Is that what you were asking?