Darynda Jones, author of The New York Times bestselling series that began with First Grave on the Right, brings us Death and the Girl Next Door, a thrilling. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Lorelei McAllister has lived with her grandparents in Riley’s Death and the Girl Next Door (Darklight Book 1) by [ Jones, Darynda. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading. keeps to her paranormal roots in Death and the Girl Next Door. Sixteen year old Lorelei has visions that she can’t control and keeps hidden.

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She was obviously in some sort of shock and worrying about the boy’s injuries, but I still felt like the information was being dragged out doot. Lorelei has supporters, like her friends and family, that trust her judgment.

Darynda Jones – NY Times Bestselling Author » Death and the Girl Next Door

Cameron and Jared – both hot, both uniquely compelling, both defensive towards Lorelei. Lol to how he made Lorelei feel.

Go see for yourself how tantalizing some of its tidbits are. I was expecting Lorelei, when observing a very surreal deathh, to scream for answers, no, demand answers. It felt like the writer was actually approving of this. And his eyes were amazing.

We also find out some shocking things about Brooklyn and Lorelei. It took a bit to not associate the voices with the adult series, but once I was in, it was good. The story-line was easy to follow, and within those first few chapters I knew some of the characters and I would get along just fabulously. I really wish this series had adult “companions” for those who would like to delve further into the mystery of the world building Jones tempts and teases us with.


His character offers a brooding and pessimistic view of events as they unfold. Um, pardon me, Mr.

Jones’s characterization is amazing. As you know, I detest love triangles. Including outside her house all night long. Not once did he come off as 2-Dimensional, and all of his reactions–blown out of proportion as they sometimes were–seemed genuine to his character. The cover certainly implies something of that sort. It’s hard to say anything without giving everything darynds. Learning that Cameron is not entirely human only adds to the mix, and the surprises that her grandparents and others jnoes he community have in store build up the importance of what Lorelei is, and the conflict that is coming.

Death and the Girl Next Door

The next day, she is still haunted deathh visions of this boy, and then he shows up at her school. Tje and the Girl Next Door, book 1, “Darklight” series. Sep 14, Taylor rated it it was ok. When Lorelei excuses herself to use the bathroom, a brief brush of her hand in the darkened hall spurs a strange vision in her head. And somehow, it made perfect sense.

I can’t believe this book was published the way it was; there are some parts of the story where the action is so haphazardly pieced together that you’re forced to re-read just to be able to follow along. There were also some things that went unexplained until a few chapters later. I found them two-dimensional and the ones that I didn’t dislike I found boring and bland.

Lorelei has had visions for as long as she could remember and it would occur, at times, when she touched teh. Till a dark handsome stranger shows up at school and the glare switches and the fights begin.

May 28, Kerrelyn Sparks rated it really liked it. She’s also been coping with the odd disappearance of her parents from ten years ago as well. There’s far more merit to the YA paranormal even paranormal romance genre in general than this, and so many releases as of late keep settling into the same generic lines like a paint by numbers book. The plot made no sense, the humor dried up, and the male posturing was so over-the-top that it became absurd and incredibly annoying.


Nov 11, Dark Faerie Tales rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sep 01, equilibri rated it did not like it Shelves: When she touched people she gets visions or predictions she’s not sure which.

Death and the Girl Next Door (Darklight #1) by Darynda Jones

Let me make this clear: Darynda has such a fun, sassy voice! Not to mention the defensive and secret-hiding Cameron, who warns Lorelei of Jared’s evil side Talking about well developed and perfectly placed secondary characters.

Dec 27, Jacklyn ReadingBliss rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lorelei is slightly less annoying than Zoey from House of Night. I suspect that there will be a future love triangle between Cameron, Jared, and Lorelei.

Random touches can sometimes give her brief glances into the future or glimpses of a person’s past.

The plotlessness wasn’t noticeable for me after a while, because I became thoroughly invested in the characters and the situations they were in and totally forgot about the beginning.

There were also times when the visions didn’t make any sense at all. Full review to come What it has is a couple of boys who are — well, crush-worthy.