Though the Grey Knights wield the finest armaments that the armouries of the Imperium can provide, their chief weapon comes from within: a psychic might that . He may not be given any additional equipment from the Daemonhunters armory, although he may take a retinue of Henchmen as described on pages and. Tuesday, October 09, Daemonhunters Pages: Daemonhunters Home · Armory · Canticle of Absolution · History · Email. Daemonhunters. History.

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Registering gives you full access to take part daemonhunhers discussions, upload pictures, contact other members and search everything! Showcase Chat Advanced Search. Welcome to Librarium Online! What do you think of the daemonhunters armory?

You may not vote on this poll. I think it’s good and needs no improvement. Page 6 of 11 First Last Jump to page: Results 51 to 60 of You know daisho, I think I may have misconstrued your post. Sorry about that, it seemed that you were saying that Grey Knights needed to be balanced, and be able to take on Chaos and everything else. Reading daemonyunters FTW ;Y. Also, your avatar is sick. Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. But I didn’t meant DH are already greatly unbalanced. They are ok and the reason why they are maybe not that strong at the moment is because the new Chaos codex nullified many advantages of the Grey Knight powers, also our codex is pretty old so it’s daemonhuunters miracle that there are some minor problems in dependence to other codizes. I think, from an uneducated viewpoint, that GK should be able to exchange knight’s wargear in armmory standard squad for a psycannon for free.


That would make sense to me. Last edited by Daemonuhnters December 16th, at Originally Posted by LittleBlueMan.

I think, from an uneducated viewpoint, that GK should be able to exchange knight’s wargear dwemonhunters astandard squad for a psycannon for free. Originally Posted by Hasten. We pay quite a bit more for a marine with the NFW and SB, which are immediately lost when you daempnhunters him. Seems to me that psycannons should be an exchange a modest upgrade price — say 5 points — with Incinerator being a free upgrade.

Much must be risked in war. Originally Posted by Luke Harvey. A small emphasis I think I need to make a small emphasis on my previous post; let me make something afmory. I was not interested in explaining or justifying the way the Daemon Hunter list is set out in terms of fluff. Fluff is background and is impossible to discuss to the point where you make a decision unless someone in the conversation has definitive ability, eg senior GW staff etc etc.

Instead my prior post attempted to point out that rules-wise the Daemon Hunter list is a special forces list. Much like the old Codex Assassinorium. This is not a fluff issue. Games Workshop have attempted to realise an army list that represents qrmory group of exceptionally single-minded special forces. It is arjory mark of their success not failure that they have achieved this. If the Daemon Hunters list was as flexible and effective against all comers as the other lists, which were meant to be all-comers lists, then Games Workshop would have failed in its effort to create a special forces list.

I mention the explanations in the front and back of the codex as these are part daemonhutners the explanatory notes and rules, not the fluff. Am I making sense? This is a rules and system issue. Not a fluff one. In the rules and system of the present edition of 40k, the daemon hunters list daemobhunters specialist list, dedicated to fighting against daemons. The list will deliberately not do so well in other circumstances.


Codex Daemonhunters 3rd Edition Warhammer 40k Games Workshop

To avoid confusion and misunderstanding GW kindly explained this in th codex itself and provided rules for the inclusion of Daemons in a range of other armies to allow the Daemon Hunters to work properly. Again, none of armoryy above is fluff, this is rules and system.

If you want an example of fluff, read the following. Daemon Hunters and Witch Hunters are very different factions in the Inquisition and are very unlikley to cooperate as each suspects daemonhnuters other of massive heresy. The Witch Hunters want to see the Daemon Hunters destroyed because of their common use of psycic power, which clearly should be reserved to the Emperor.

armory prices in daemon hunters – Forum – DakkaDakka

The Daemon Hunters on the other hand feel that the Witch Hunters have misunderstood the need for psykers to combat daemons and resent their distrust. I hope I did a better job this time. What an awesome thread! Originally Posted by Zarahemna. Daemohhunters think I need to make a small emphasis on my previous post; let me make something clear.

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