In this article, Christian Rebisse presents the history and narratives of the three Rosicrucian Manifestos published in , , and —the Fama. Confessio Fraternitatis or The Confession of the Laudable Fraternity of the Most Honorable Order of the Rosy Cross, Written to All the Learned. The Rosicrucian Manifestos: Fama Fraternitatis and Confessio Fraternitatis. Originally published anonymously in and The contents of this docu-.

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But to the false hypocrites, and to those that seek other things than wisdom, we say and witness confessik these presents publicly, we cannot be made known, and be betrayed unto them; and much less they shall be able to hurt as any manner of way without the will of God; but cconfessio shall certainly be partakers of all the punishment spoken of in our Fama; so their wicked counsels shall light upon themselves, and our treasures shall remain untouched and unstirred, until the Lion fratternitatis come, who will ask them for his use, and fratrnitatis them for the confirmation and establishment of his kingdom.

About Johann Valentin Andreae. What had been done by Martin Luther in the realm of the Church with his Theses and Reformation was now to be extended to the whole of life.

Now, clnfessio hath been said in the Fama, through hatred of impostors, against the transmutation of metals and the supreme medicine of the world, we desire to be so understood, that this so frzternitatis gift of God we do in no manner set at naught, but as it bringeth not always with it the knowledge of Nature, while this knowledge bringeth forth both that and an infinite number of other natural miracles, it is right that we be rather earnest to attain to the knowledge of philosophy, frwternitatis tempt excellent wits to the tincture of metals sooner then to the observation of Nature.

Nate Stuart marked it as to-read Jan 29, Views Read Edit View history. But we confess, and witness openly with the Lord Jesus Christ, that it shall first happen that the stones shall arise, and offer their service, before there shall be any want of executors and accomplishers of God’s counsel; yea, the Lord God hath already sent before certain messengers, which should testify his will, to wit, some new stars, which do appear and are seen in the firmament in Serpentario and Cygno, which signify and give themselves known to everyone, that they are powerful Signacula of great weighty matters.

There is the possibility that it may refer to the rebirth process, a central tenet teaching of groups having, or claiming to have, a Rosicrucian philosophy. However, if one studies the Fama which was written by Lutherans, the main idea of Islamic connection is easily disproved. Matte rated it liked it Jan 17, Be it ours rather to bear witness, that from the beginning of the world there hath not been given to man a more excellent, admirable, and wholesome book then the Holy Bible; Blessed is he who possesses it, more blessed is he who reads it, most blessed of all is he who truly understandeth it, while he is most like to God who both understands and obeys it.


The Rosicrucian Confessio Fraternitatis

Views View Edit History. Jasper Smith marked it as to-read Oct 25, This image may not be in the public domain in these countries, fraternitats moreover do not implement the rule of the shorter term. Although he had settled in Venice where free thought and writing were still possible, he died a violent death there in Ian rated it really liked it Aug 02, Wesselius, aQuarto.

Therefore, it must not be expected that new comers shall attain at once all our weighty secrets. Were it not sufficient for us to fear neither hunger, poverty, diseases, nor confesdio We do not reject parables. O mortals, diverse is the counsel of God and cobfessio convenience, Who hath decreed at this time to encrease and enlarge the number of our Fraternity, frarernitatis which we with such joy have undertaken, as we have heretofore obtained this great treasure without our merits, yea, without any hope or expectation; the same we purpose with such fidelity to put in practice, that neither compassion nor vraternitatis for our own children which some of us in the Fraternity have shal move us, since we know that these unhoped for good things cannot be inherited, nor be conferred promiscuously.

Now there remains yet that which in short time, honour shall be likewise given to the tongue, and by the same; what before times hath been seen, heard, and smelt, now finally shall be spoken and uttered forth, when the World shall awake out fraternittatis her heavy and drowsy sleep, and with an open heart, bare-head, and bare-foot, shall merrily and joyfully meet the new arising Sun. It was immensely popular being reprinted several times and translated into several languages. Mykul4life added it Dec 28, What think you, therefore, O Mortals, seeing that we sincerely confess Christ, execrate the pope, addict ourselves to the true philosophy, lead a worthy life, and dayly call, intreat, and invite many more unto our Fraternity, unto whom the same Light of God likewise appeareth?

If there be somebody now, which on the other side will complain of our discretion, that we offer our treasure so freely, and without any difference to all men, and do not rather regard and respect more the godly, learned, fraternitatia, or princely persons, than the common people; those we do not contradict, seeing it is not a slight and easy matter; but withal we signify so much, that our Arcana or secrets will no ways fraterbitatis common, and generally made known.

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Concerning the amendment of philosophy, we have as much as at this present is needful declared that the same is altogether weak and faulty; nay, whilst many I know not how alledge that she is sound and strong, to us it is certain that she fraternitatiw her last breath. The special nature of this kind of meditating consisted of the fact that it was determined by waking consciousness.


Email this via Gmail Email this via Yahoo! All the which, when it shall once be abolished and removed, and instead thereof a right and true rule instituted, then there will remain thanks unto them which have taken pains therein.

God is far otherwise pleased, for he exalteth the lowly, and pulleth down the proud with disdain; to those which are of few works, he sendeth his holy Angel to speak with them, but the unclean babblers he driveth in the wilderness and solitary places. Verily, it requires no small pains to induce any one to believe what doth not yet appear, but when it shall be revealed in the full blaze of day, I suppose we should be ashamed of such questionings.

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Consider you not that, having pondered the gifts which are in you, having measured your understanding in the Word of God, and having weighed the imperfection and inconsistencies of all the arts, you may at length in the future deliberate with us upon their remedy, co-operate in the work of God, and be serviceable to the constitution of your time?

But brevity, which we do observe, will not permit at this present to make rehearsal of it, till a more fit time. The ffraternitatis is the right reward of the Romish seducers, who have vomited forth their blasphemies against Christ, and as yet do not abstain cohfessio their lies in this clear shining light.

Rolf Speckner in his lecture described the fate of Trajano Boccalini whose socially critical satire Ragguali di Parnaso was published together with the manifestos.

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NNA News: Reading in the book of the world – years of Rosicrucian writings

In he planned a “Unio Christiana”. Whatsoever you have heard, O mortals, concerning our Fraternity by the trumpet sound of the Fama R. Email this to a friend? But the work itself shall be attributed to the blessedness of our age. But as commonly, even in the same place or country where there breaketh forth a new a unaccustomed disease, Nature also there discovereth a medicine against the same; so there doth appear for so manifold infirmities of Philosophy the right means, and unto our Patria sufficiently offered, whereby she may become sound again, which is now to be renewed and altogether new.

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