these monologues will give you a lot to work with. Written by author Starring on Bay Street – a novel by Jan Peterson Ewen – “Heart-warming and Humorous”. The following skits are contained in download above. Canoe is a quick, humorous look at not giving God the glory when he answers our prayers. Church growth. Monologues suitable for men and women. The Medieval Traffic Warden A short, comic monologue or speech, as the traffic warden hands out a rather large fine.

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Performed at the Old Fitzroy Hotel in How will he get over his addiction to addictions? What if a really important event in history went down differently?

Funny Monologues

When workplace legislation goes too far. Heard the one about a good guy with a dark past?

A young man who hates to spend money realises the government offers a stack of free services and pledges to get value for his tax dollar. An excerpt from Daymares, a novel by Pete Malicki. What will he do to get make her his?

Alicia has come from Argentina to Australia and found herself an unusual job that sees her attending a lot of funerals. Characters Molly Rivers A drop-out monologus student, good natured but confused. Five strangers wake up to find themselves locked in an empty room. Learn all the tricks to avoid.


Comedy Monologues

Recently performed as part of Crash Test Drama. A romantic date from the WRX gets scary and Wayne has to be a hero. A shy young American comes to Australia for adventure and to understand the Aussie way.

Marky Masonic, a coemdy up comedian, comes under fire when he makes some tasteless jokes about ladyboys and an unattractive woman.

Website designed by Lane Cove Theatre Company. At least there’s Quiet Friday. Downloads This page contains many samples of my work, including the comed of my plays, samples of my writing and music from my old band Flow.

Comedy Monologues, Funny Monologues, Stand up Comedy Script, Humorous Speeches, Funny Ads

Would love to hear your thoughts on the excerpt! She’s about to slide into a gin-induced coma until she receives flowers anonymously Hayley Gets Married by Pete Malicki. An exploration of what it means to suffer from an addiction. Written permission must be obtained before these files can be copied, distributed or used in any way other than personal viewing, reading or listening.

A 10 minute monologue. Going out to buy chocolate with severe social anxiety. Sensation – 10 mins 1 female Comedy, Monologue. An excerpt from my first ever novel, Helm On Earth.

First it was cigarettes, then Mars Bars, then the gym.

My totally hilarious home-made ‘new mail notifier. The Easter Thief – from the fairy tales written by Swiss author Geraldine Aegerter and edited by myself.


Three strangers find themselves instant wff worst friends forever when they eat a new brand of cheese which makes their dreams come to life. Steve has an addictive personality. After watching a zombie movie marathon, a young university student can’t sleep thanks to the fear of zombie apocalyse. Sophie is back, and she’s met a new man who was actually born a man.

The Intelligent Actor – course overview.

Auditions – Lane Cove Theatre Company

She’s the bubbles in his champagne. So does that mean it’s all downhill from there? A Tamil translation of my 10 min play, The Goon. Richard has lunch with filetyp new boss and a prospective client. A 10 min play. Disney Princesses Ariel and Jasmine didn’t get the ‘ever’ they were after.

She’s cogent but she doesn’t like what she sees and hears. Kieran Johannsen thinks life is unfair.

A man was stuck in Groundhog’s Day right up until he did his very best to be very bad. An excerpt of comefy full-length one-woman show “V.