The BenQ W is ISF certified for optimum colour performance in both Day and Night modes. So it easily adapts to any room’s ambient light levels as well as . disconnect it from the power point and call BenQ to have the projector repaired. This projector is capable of displaying inverted images for ceiling mount. BenQ W Projector Specifications. Posted on February 24, By Art Feierman. Click Here! BenQ W Specs. Projector Model, W Technology .

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We tested the W with a range of material and found that the it performed well with both standard and high definition content although, unsurprisingly, it was Blu-ray that looked the best. However if that isn’t an issue for you, then there’s a lot to like 1w400 the W Physical Characteristics Weight Approximate 3. The remaining connections are all on the right hand side and include a VGA connector, a component video input, a composite video input and, unusually these days, an S-Video input.

Sunlit scenes are bright without looking overly warm, blues and reds are richly hued and greens trees are perhaps a little too intense. As we’ve come nenq expect, the 3D performance was superb and the BenQ delivered an immersive and enjoyable experience, with images that were completely free of crosstalk. The images are always bright and contain plenty of detail, whilst the motion handling is superb, never smearing on camera pans or fast movement.

You own this Total 5. The projected image w14000 highly detailed thanks to the use of a single-chip and, in general, the greyscale and colour performance was extremely accurate, especially after calibration. Whilst the breadth of the range might seem overwhelming at times, with many of the models being difficult to distinguish, they’re all intended for a specific purpose and frequently q1400 features not d1400 found at the lower end of the price scale.

The W comes with a pair of active shutter 3D glasses, which is a nice touch at this price point.

The bdnq negative parallax effects were also well handled and Peter Jackson’s constantly moving camera was never an issue thanks to the W’s superb motion handling. Awards – all the winners. Calibrated The two-point white balance control proved to be very effective and after only a few minutes we had the greyscale tracking at w14400 target of with equal amounts of red, green and blue.


The BenQ W is an enjoyable proposition for anyone wanting to get into the home cinema market, but not quite willing to pay premium price.

The lower end of the projector market bdnq highly competitive but, based on its winning combination of factors, the BenQ W makes for an interesting proposition. In terms of more advanced calibration controls, you can select the Colour Temperature with a choice of Normal, Cool, Lamp Native and Warm. You want this Total 1. However choosing any of the other presets resulted in an image with far too much blue in it, so Warm gets us closest to D Image Native Aspect Ratio The picture could be a touch brighter, but it retains its exuberant performance.

BenQ W Projector Alfonso Cuaron’s flowing minute single takes in Gravity were very well produced thanks to the impressive motion handling, as was Peter Jackson’s constantly roaming s1400 in The Hobbit: Design and Connections BenQ tend to use one of two basic chassis designs for their projectors and the W utilises the more rectangular one which, thanks to economies of scale, is ben quite well assembled.

BenQ Projectors: BenQ W DLP projector

The W is quick to set up: Since there is a built-in speaker you also get 3. As a result bemq errors were now all below one, which means beenq they are imperceptible to the human eye. The gamma was tracking very accurately around our target of 2. Since this is a BenQ projector, the W is a single chip DLP model with a colour wheel, so it’s probably not ideal for those who suffer from rainbows. Write your BenQ W Projector review. The BenQ W makes a great all-round projector and whatever you plan to use it for – sport, movies or gaming – the resulting big screen images are sure to please, especially when you consider the price.

Conversely, the blacks and w400 detail are mediocre meaning that the BenQ wouldn’t be ideal for a very dark room.

What Hi-Fi?

The Desolation of Smaug and the BenQ did a great job of delivering all the deep positive parallax within the film, giving the appearance of looking through a window into Middle Earth.


The projector is simple to setup thanks to the lens controls, flexible in terms of placement and very easy to use.

Analogue sources are well catered for, too, with component, composite, S-Video and PC inputs. The W has manual lens controls, including a basic lens shift which is unusual for a DLP projector at this price point. The zoom and focus controls use rings at the front of lens assembly, whilst the shift control sits under a small panel just behind the other lens controls.

The overall look is rather attractive and the build quality is robust, although the large air vents do result in some light spill, which will be more apparent in a very dark room.

But the picture never strays into overblown territory. We chose a colour temperature of Warm, which came closest to the industry standard of D65 and we selected a gamma of 2. The projector itself beqn reasonably well made, although the fans can get a little noisy and there was some light spill. Yes, my password is: It’s bright for one thing, making it ideal for lighter-walled rooms, and DLP as a technology has great motion handling and 3D, so ideal for this year’s World Cup or those that enjoy a trip to the third dimension.

All the connections ben at the rear, with the two HDMI inputs on the left hand side, above the three-pin socket for the power cable.

Against Nothing at the price. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The provided remote control is a small white affair but it’s comfortable to hold and easy ben use. The glasses use RF to sync and are reasonably light and comfortable to wear, with large lenses that can fit over prescription specs.

Video Processing The video processing in the W was reasonably good and it accurately scaled the full i and i images without any loss of detail or unwanted 1w400.

In fact all the colours were close to their targets aside from some minor hue errors in green and magenta and overall this is an excellent colour performance.