The Accursed Share’. An Essay on General Economy. Georges Bataille. Volume I . Consumption. ZONE BOOKS· NEW. YORK. ~. The Accursed Share is a brilliant product of [Bataille’s] loony-tunes coupling of critical genres: pseudo/antisurrealist manifestos, leftist political treatises, erotics. This essay addresses Georges Bataille as a historical thinker by concentrating on The Accursed Share (three volumes, ), the text.

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The world of utility future directed behavior vis-a-vis objects and that of ‘intimacy’ operate on different planes. It detaches, it separates the atom or the cell and studies them in a detache way, and if it reintegrates these objects into greater wholes, it must still amintain their isolation; they are objects of sceince only to the extent that they can accured considered separately.

Their choice is instantaneous; no decision is made, it is more of a quick jump onto the operating table. Toward an Ethic of Generosity, ed. Any further definition of intimacy is difficult. Ford took this data and made their own conclusions, guessing with the most expensive safety device 2, cars would be burned, would die, qccursed would be injured.

The same can be said of the person with contempt for riches here: The prestige or rank once associated with the gataille of goods has transformed into a sense of prestige when one conserves his wealth and luxuries. The parallels between early Islam and late capitalism batailld evident. Houses were burnt and coppers thrown into the water, the throats of slaves were cut and dog teams slaughtered AC1, We usually say that the fundamental rule of economics is scarcity: Quotes from The Accursed Shar It is quite possible to have the state own everything and still convert all gifts to capital, as Stalin demonstrated.

The contrasting expenditures are also touched upon in the proceeding by introducing each section with a relevant example.

Touchstone Terms: The Accursed Share – anotherpanacea

In unproductive expenditures such as luxuries, festivals, perverse sexualities, the store of energies is given freely; in acting for the purpose of utility and individual gain, energies are stored and instead of a state of common effervescence, there is explosion.


Focusing on consumption in this first volume, Bataille traces societal mechanisms of expenditure through their archaic, medieval, capitalist and communist iterations and offers a model of a solar economy based on excess rather than scarcity.

And so too with the gamblers in the audience: Consumption by Georges Bataille. Reckless expenditure could entail horrific consequences, many of which we face currently, e. Nov 30, Maxwell rated it really liked it. As I had mentioned in the introduction, death and its partner the exuberance of life, are the essential features of glorious squandering.

With this requirement to give yourself over daily to your partner, I touch on sovereignty, self-consciousness, the moral summit. In an economics considered in general, how does the individual participate in the global movement of energy?

War, Philosophy and the Sacred. The British people understood their surplus of energies, to be given freely and at sccursed loss. In some tribes the fascinating parts of animals, such the tusks of a boar, the beaks, claws, and feathers of various birds, are made into jewelry and become prosthetic body parts.

Superabundant, it always overflows and undoes the particulars it endows. To what extent do they themselves influence the methods through which we expel it? Eroticism cannot be discusses unless man too is discussed in the process…. Titmuss, The Gift Relationship: Language is not appropriate in this case, for the sufferer and the stranger fuse together in a simple gesture.

As recommended by Marginal Revolution’s Tyler Cowen The Accursed Share and Me: Evolutions and Atavisms in Culture. Where we think we have caught hold of the Grail, we have only grasped a thing, and what is left in our hands is only a cooking pot… AC1, Intimacy is not found in material goods, in future concerns; rather, it is between individual and their dread of death.

The form and role luxury assumes in a society are characteristic of that society. In our everydayness, Bataille has already established that there remain excesses to be spent.

The surplus cannot be squandered because the monks and the idle person turn their backs to the solution wccursed excesses AC1,glorious destruction.


May 20, Richard rated it it was amazing.

The Accursed Share: An Essay on General Economy, Volume I: Consumption

With the restricted economy, limits are hypostatized then ignored, turning instead to an illusion of limitless expansion and utility. Bukowski gives us a rough guide to betting and some speculative observations.

A combination of the Erotic with the Economic.

Hereafter cited as NE. Self-consciousness is the sought after state of glorious expenditure, arrived at through sovereignty, a demand that a life be lived in the heat of moment and willfully neglect the times to come.

Research is a potlatch of intellectual powers. And what happens next? As he goes on to show, unproductive expenditure is a very difficult task, excesses then being the defining problem of an economic system. But as a lesson in the totality there is definitely the coincidence of the desire hsare totality and its discovery in the science.

This good expenditure I call the gift of presence. Through the examination of historical data, Bataille proposes that the definitive structure of human cultures can be found in how they deal with this primary excess.

Surpluses must be lost unproductively, and almost in this case, expenditure nearly found its form in the loss of life. By assembling a people and turning them against the world Islam was able to conquer lands stretching from the Middle East and Sahre, to Central Asia across to northern Africa, and finally into the Iberian Peninsula.

We can know baataille this self-consciousness is negatively speaking, and ‘silence’ is the key. Perhaps this was too obvious for Lingis. I gather that the limited economies discussed here, and the limited analyses of economies, are what make it unclear how self-consciousness depends on the general economic move of expenditure — thus to have no object.