Blood Prophecy (Drake Chronicles, book 6) by Alyxandra Harvey – book cover, description, publication history. Solange Drake has been officially crowned Queen of the Vampires, fulfilling the centuries old prophecy that foretold the rise to power of a. Solange Drake will not claim her birthright; she will not be queen as vampire tradition dictates. But change always comes at a cost.

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Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Little things mentioned in the series that could have just been, well, little things mentioned are brought back in this book and you see that they’re actually relevant and part of the story.

Barvey must escape the folds of memory and time and fight for the fate of the royal crown – and win.

Blood Prophecy (Drake Chronicles, #6) by Alyxandra Harvey

This book is action packed but also has humour and romance as well. Sure there are a few questions I’d like to know, but, maybe in the upcoming novellas, we will learn more. And one thing we know about Solange blokd that while she may be stuck in a castle, she is not a damsel in distress. Alyxandra Harvey has a way of writing that makes you feel almost the way her characters do and be able to sympathize.

Blood Prophecy Alyxandra Harvey No preview available – Kiernan doesn’t give up on her, which is sweet. I happen to really enjoy the Drake Chronicles. She just wanted to be with the one she loved but because of centuries of being propyecy and the way her life had once been she bkood started to lose it.

I’m not going to write a full review right now [mostly because my left hand isn’t working properly-I have gross motor movements right now but fine motor movements are still avoidy and it makes typing frustrating and time consuming but it will be better soon] A full review WILL be coming within a month and I just want to leave off with saying how much I’m going to miss the ‘Drakes’ and friends but look forward to Alyxandra’s next works! Oh, and she just HAD to insert a pack of beautiful boys, didn’t she?


Blood Prophecy Alyxandra Harvey No preview available – It just slowed things down again. All in all, Blood Prophecy provided a great ending to a fantastic series and it’s a series that I’m sad to leave behind.

View all 8 comments. With our Australian edition sporting a short story featuring Duncan and Skye, I can’t help hoping Harvey will one day write a spin off featuring vampires from some of the other tribes, but regardless of my wishful thinking, I know Alyxndra Harvey will be excellent no matter what she does next!

It was believable, and added in that nice spice there is when vampires are involved. This helped flesh out the story a lot and also is what helped me get to know the characters better than if it had all been one point of view.

Everyone is trying to save Solange, but have no idea how.

While I’m sad to see the end of the Drakes, the promise in the back of the book of future e-novellas gives me hope. Underneath the love stories, action and hilarity, these books really do have an underlying murk that never allows readers to sit completely easy.

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I just hope that we’ll get more of the Drakes in the future. Unfortunately someone has it out for vampires and has been framing them for attacking humans. To view it, click here. The book finally kicks back into gear with Solange learning how to fight Viola, Lucy getting herself into a pile of trouble and trying to find a way to escape, the attack on the school and on the Blood Moon camp.


You just knew, sooner or later, the jar would shatter into pieces. I was pretty disappointed in this hravey. This book was interesting because everything came together well and I thought this was a perfect way to end the series. There are different types of vampires but none that look like diamonds.

Possessed by a vengeful twelfth-century witch, Solange commits heinous crimes against the vampire tribes that she pledged to empower. I hated almost all of the characters towards the end, maybe my tastes have just changed. Started reading this when it came out and it has been my favorite book series since. At first when I saw this series I didn’t expect much, but as soon as I met the characters, understood the plot Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Well it bloox awhile for me to finish bc i stopped reading for a spell but i finally finished this series. There IS a novella at the end of this book which is about Bloood, a vampire named Sky, and a human named Miranda.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. I cannot wait to see what she writes next and hopefully someday soon a spin-off with Lucy or some short stories about the Drake brothers that have been missed.