File:Zasada. No higher resolution available. Zasada. Source, Zasady polityki gospodarczej, Nicola Acocella, Wyd. PWN. Course title: Economic Policy, Name in Polish: Polityka gospodarcza N. Acocella, Zasady polityki gospodarczej, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa. Acocella N., , The Foundations of Economic Policy. Cambridge (polskie wydanie: N. Acocella, Zasady polityki gospodarczej, PWN, Warszawa ).

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The Inconsistency of Optimal Plans. Monetary Policy Evaluation with Noisy Information. Carnegie-Rochester Series on Public Policy, Discretion versus policy rules in practice. The H-inf Control Problem. Board of Governors FED wznowienie opracowania przygotowanego w r.

The introduction to the discussion was a debate between Ezra Mishan and Pieter Hennipman in Robust and Optimal Control. After a couple of years the topic ackcella back in the economic journals. The module constitutes a continuation of introduction to economics. Bank of England Bank of Canada, “Technical Report”, Wanting Robustness in Macroeconomics.

File:Zasada. dyferencji.JPG

Targeting Inflation under Uncertainty. Ekonometria bayesowska w zastosowaniach. Course descriptions are protected by copyright. Jackson Hole, sierpniaWyoming. Inflation Targeting under Uncertainty.

This course is not currently offered. Optymalna polityka banku centralnego. Surveys of Economic Theory, Vol.

Economics 2 semesters ; basic skills in micro- and macroeconomics; basic mathematical knowledge. Methodology for Behavioral Science, w: Concluding Comments, “De Economist” Vol. Finding Good Predictors for Inflation: Monetary Policy-Making in the Knightian Uncertainty.


The programme is designed to present both macro- and ggospodarczej mechanisms of state economic intervention and their effects. Introduction and Development of Basic Concepts, Macmillan, London reprint wydania z z poprawkami. EEC Working Paper In this article I describe dispute about whether welfare economics is normative economics, or the positive economics. Robust Gospodzrczej Policy with Misspecified Models: Therefore, different ways to deal with the model uncertainty are presented: Model uncertainty in macroeconomic policy.

How to Decide when Experts Disagree. The first part of the text contains an overview of literature. The characteristic feature of all the quoted cases is the integration of two aspects: During the classes students will discuss both generel issues in economic policy, including elements of history of economics, and macro- and microeconomic policies.

In this group of cases, the robust control theory by Hansen and Sargent is described in more detail. The paper discusses the theory and practice of optimal decision-making, i. A Bayesian Model Averaging Approach. Institute of International Relations.

Welfaryzm – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

In the first part of this article I present zsady of George Archibald, Pieter Hennipman and Yew-Kwang Ng,which treat welfare economics as a part of positive economics. Another group of topics constitute economic transformation and economic policy in the open economy.


In the third part I present counterarguments, which in my opinion undermine Blaug’s position. Essentials of Robust Control. The author draws from academic research, opinions of practitioners and decision-makers, as well as unofficial information from analysts of central banks.

Problems in the Logic of Scientific Explanation, London polskie wydanie: The classical model of economic policy is reviewed, where the components of the model of economy distortion, parameters, data are considered to be uncertain random and optimal decisions are taken in accordance with the principle of equivalence, Brainard’s principle of conservatism, etc.

Value Judgement gospodrczej Analytical Tool, w: The aim of this module is to make students familiar with theoretical and empirical aspects of state influence on economy and economic growth. Board of Governors FED.

Uncertainty and the Effectiveness of Policy. It resulted in Mishan’s acceptation of the Hennipman’s view, that welfare economics is a gospodzrczej of the positive economics. London Business School Discussion Paper A State Space Approach.